They may not be the best for the Death Race, but you can’t beat a tank for scenarios like the Arena of Death. Rutherford are the only team that can take tanks and helicopters and if it weren’t for that I think they’d be one of the least interesting sponsors. But hey, who doesn’t love a tank?

Team Rutherford, it’s all about the tank.

The chassis for this is a resin T-34 that I picked up as an el cheapo second from the Bring-and-Buy stand at Broadside. It’s got a couple of defects in the casting, but for post-apoc that doesn’t matter at all. The dentier the better in fact!

I didn’t want to use the turret that came with it because it would just look too much like a T-34. Under the original rulebook mounting a massive gun on your tank was actually a bit of a non-starter. The way the turret rules work is that any weapon you mount in a turret costs triple, so mounting a tank gun in one was just prohibitively expensive, you’d never be able to squeeze a gun-armed tank into a standard 50pt list. So I started out making a “party tank” that had a ram and plenty of crew and grenades or molotovs. That’s actually still a pretty good build, but with the new “Refuelled” update of the rules tanks can now turret mount a weapon for free, making a tank gun work again.

But I still didn’t want to use the T-34 turret, so I picked up a Ground Zero Games sci-fi artillery turret (it’s the one off this vehicle). It’s actually scaled for 15mm, but is a big beastie even on the 20mm tank chassis! I added the gatling gun and an S and S models crew member. I’m not completely happy with that crew member since painting him, he’s got a very blobby face, but I doubt anyone will notice during a game and besides, maybe he’s some kind of wastelands mutant?

I deliberately went for quite an odd looking turret as I didn’t want it to look like any existing tank. I was sort of inspired by the autoloading unmanned turrets on things like the T-14 Armata and especially the M1128 assault gun. It’s made for quite a strange looking beastie, but that’s sort of what I was going for. The paint job was sort of inspired by the ludicrous blue camo scheme on Chinese naval infantry vehicles, and/or the funky grey/blue Berlin brigade scheme. I seem to keep doing weird coloured camo schemes for Gaslands, like the weird yellow and purple one I did on my BTR-80.