Modding toy cars for Gaslands is really addictive. I didn’t really have any plans to make yet another team, this just sort of happened…

Nuclear monster truck

Hot Wheels do some cool monster trucks, and lets be honest a monster truck starts out looking pretty outlandish, but I wanted to modify it a bit. Eventually I settled on the idea of ripping off the car body and just leaving the underframe.

Just for lols I’ve built this to have the “experimental nuclear reactor” mod that the sponsors Mishkin allows. I was stuck on how to model that for ages, but I eventually just started sticking sci-fi looking spaceship parts onto it (they’re from a Dropzone Commander PHR frigate sprue) and it seemed to work. Another victory for the bits box!

The nuclear reactor lets the vehicle burn major rubber, being able to pick the long straight in every gear phase, just like a bike. The downside is that if you wipe out and flip, you automatically explode, so you really, really, really want to keep those hazards under control. The big tyres allow it to ignore obstacles and other cars, so putting those long straits to use aren’t a problem. The plan is to run it with the “thumper” sonic weapon, which brings me on to the buggies…

Hover Buggies

Two buggies with the rocket thrusters upgrade. This means that when the thumper on the truck fires, the buggies can get a cheeky free long straight move ahead while everybody else nearby goes tumbling. Their “dynamo” special rules means that thumper can potentially fire in several gear phases. Mishkin are the high-tech team, so I got some of these 15mm hover vehicles from Ground Zero Games. The scale works fine IMO. Then I just coated them in super glue and rolled them around in the bits box until it looked right (sort of).