All aboard the moonshine bus! The latest addition to my garage of Gaslands vehicles:

One of the guys at the club gave this beauty to me. He’d made a start wastelanding it up, but hadn’t finished the job.

Buses in Gaslands are big and heavy and have loads of crew. So the obvious weapon choice is thrown weapons such as grenades or molotovs. One of the new sponsors in Refuelled are “Rusty’s Bootleggers”, who drive drunk and look like a lot of fun. They’re unable to select any manoeuvre template that’s a straight line, instead swerving their way madly around the table, which you’ve got to love. Plus they can tow trailers which turn any vehicle into a sort of War Rig, complete with the comedy “piledriver attack” which can shunt other cars around. The trailer is full of booze, and can actually be set up to give you unlimitedĀ  molotov ammo. I’m actually a little concerned that’s OP, as this bus will be able to chuck 8 molotovs in every gear phase that it activates for the whole game. That’s horrendous, I foresee lots of flaming cars! The carnage and comedy of this thing drunkenly swerving around the table spamming fire on everybody should be great fun.

The trailer is from Anyscale Models. The base is one for a 20mm WW2 jeep, with some extra wheels and an old model railway fuel tank stuck on the back. The towhook is a paperclip and the curly fuel hose is a piece of electrical wire.