Gaslands is a game I’ve had a bit of an eye on for a while. I have been trying to be good about not starting any new armies, but it really looks like this post-apocalyptic racing game has taken off. I figured it’s an easy one to get into, just grab a few Hot Wheels cars and mod them up, right?

There’s just one slight problem: chopping up these cars, modifying them and painting them all grungy is loads of fun, so I did a few!

There’s nobody at my club (find us on FB here) who’s playing the game already, so I decided to make up a few small teams so I can host games. To keep things simple I planned out some 35 point teams (in Gaslands-speak the points are actually “cans” of fuel, which is the only real currency on posyt-apoc Earth). I’m not worried about sponsors, etc for these teams, we can get into that later.

So without further ado, my first toy car conversions:

Team 1

I’m tentatively calling this big beastie the “monster truck” class of vehicle, but honestly who knows just what the heck it is?

I cobbled this together from the top half of a toy bulldozer (the same one that gave up its tracks to the pickup truck below) and the bottom half was a weird three-wheeled toy catapult from Studio Siberia. A lot of cutting, plasticard and hot glue later this contraption emerged. I wasn’t sure about it to start with, but I quite like how it’s turned out.

Its little buggy pal is a much less extensive conversion though. Obviously I ditched all the glass and I slightly built up the rear using 28mm Bren gun carrier parts, some plastic tubes and a few bits and pieces.

The driver is from Ramshackle, but the bloke with the RPG is from S and S Models.

Team 2

Squeezing  three cars into 35 cans means none are going to be super-dooper, but you get a lot of cheap fun out of buggies. The first on the list is definitely the stupidest. There’s a weapon option called BFG, which is a massive single shot gun with what’s described in the rules as “ridonkulous firepower”. You shoot once, whatever you hit blows up and you go flying backwards. Awesome!

So, looking for a suitably idiotic-looking gun I started sticking left over bits off the plastic catapult sprue together and came up with something vaguely gun-like. It’s attached with magnets in case I want to use the buggy for something less mental. The gunner is an S and S models arab guerilla. He is also very brave, clearly.

The second buggy will look a bit familiar to anyone who’s played Halo, it’s the Warthog from that game. It comes with a wee MG on it, so I cut that off and attached a biggerer one. Then I stuck two more on the sides just for fun. The crew are Ramshackle and S and S. Apart from that it’s pretty much stock, except  I painted it gold, and added a ram’s head to the front, because reasons.

Rounding out the team is a car. Packing rockets and steel nets it can either blow you up or tangle your gears. I widened the stance on this cheap Asda car and added some plasticard details and some 15mm stowage parts to wasteland it up a bit. The nice thing about these cheap “Adventure Force” cars from the supermarket is they’re actually held together with screws not rivets so you don’t even need to drill anything out to start modding it. Winner!

Team 3

Bikes are ludicrously zippy off the line in Gaslands, and this one has dropped weapons. So its job is to get out in front and then start dropping annoying crap all over the table. The comedy glue dropper can knock anybody down a couple of gears (potentially preventing them activating for the rest of the turn) and it can also drop off two little sentry guns. I’ve used flying drones for these, just coz. I guess the bike drops some kind of marker and they buzz in from elsewhere? They’re from Ground Zero Games and are supposed to be for 15mm Stargrunt.

The other half of the team is a bit of a conversion job. Just for a laugh I decided to put some tank treads on a pickup truck. I built up the front of it using armour plates and hot glued on some tracks from a child’s toy bulldozer. The little turret on the roof rotates, but doesn’t come off. What is detachable though is a front ram. This vehicle isn’t built for speed, she’s a brawler, so the ram is a good option on top of the gun and loads of grenades/molotovs.

Team 4

I’ve always loved the look of the Cold War Soviet “Bronetransporter” APCs, so I got a cheap diecast BTR-80 from Studio Siberia and got to work. This was actually the first vehicle I did for Gaslands. I know most people start with a car or something, but I just couldn’t resist when this bad boy turned up in the post.

The BTR is a pretty Mad Max vehicle, and I didn’t do much to it. I’ve magentised the turret so I can either run as the standard MG turret, or I can drop in the little crazy driver guy. He’s a Ramshackle figure, and his console is a piece of sprue with a plasticard seat. The two gunners are both Ramshackle, too. The BTR got a plasticard spoiler, and the bits box coughed up and old 28mm Cullen prong for a ram, with the harpoon built from an old GW skeleton spear and a Mantic elf bolt thrower. Waste not want not, eh?

This won’t be the fastest vehicle on the table. At all. If I play it as a Heavy Truck it tops out in third gear but you really don’t want it to hit you with that ram, cause it ain’t stopping. I don’t particularly like the APC class of vehicle in gaslands, the rules for it seem janky and I believe it’s getting dropped in the revised edition out this September, so Heavy Truck or maybe Monster Truck will do nicely.

The harpoon is there for lulz, because it would be hilarious to harpoon someone’s car and reel it in to be eaten. There are two magnetic panels on top so I can add something like side mounted MGs. With some grenades and molotovs it comes out 35 cans just for this one vehicle. It might not be the raciest “death race” vehicle, but it’ll be fun to play and looks awesome!

Team 5

There are usually two ways to win at Gaslands: kill everything, or outdrive them. The “performance car” option is definitely all about the latter.

Gaslands has a reputation for being cheap to get into, and this model agrees. It’s a 95p el cheapo from Asda, with a couple of pieces from my bits box stuck to the back, a new paint job and some decals. I did pop a driver in there although you can’t really see him. The bits at the back can represent mine droppers, oil slick droppers, etc. Because in this baby everybody should be behind you anyway! I’ve made up some oil slick and mine templates for it.

The other car in this team is a pretty classic build: a basic car with forward-firing rockets. Rockets kick some butt in Gaslands (word on the street is they’ll be getting nerfed slightly when Refuelled comes out). Normal cars are pretty good: adequately tough, quite fast and with good handling. You can either drive or fight. I’m not convinced it’s come out well, but it’s ok.