More Gaslands stuff, and not a car in sight! The game includes a weird and wonderful collection of bizarre vehicles, from drag racers to ice cream trucks. So it would be a shame not to have some different stuff to throw down on the table.

Biker Team

Sometimes you want to play it safe, sometimes you just want to put something a bit extreme on the table. So how about a 50pt team of bikes, all with nitro boosters? The sponsor Idris lets you do that and whenever your bikes use the long straight template in gear phase 1-3 they’ll pick up an audience vote. So this team will be insanely fast and be swimming in audience votes, but has all the durability of damp tissue paper. In a Death Race they need to burn it off the start line, stay out of the line of fire and then survive the inevitable merge with the stragglers (maybe by nitro-ing right through the pack?). You just need to get far enough ahead that when people blast your squishy bikes to bits you can respawn and go again. Should be slightly insane and a lot of fun.

I’ve not played a game with them yet, but the options  I’ve gone for so far are one bike optimised for speed (Hot start, Time Extended, no weapons), two with caltrop droppers and Hot start that can follow the leader (or take over if the leader gets wasted), and one “spoiler” sidecar bike with side mounted flamethrowers to tangle with the pack and slow them down.

These bikes are from Ramshackle, you can get a big bag of them from Ramshackle or they’re available singly on eBay.

Gun Turrets

Some scenarios in Gaslands need automated gun turrets that will rark up the players if they stray too close. When perusing the Ground Zero Games stall at SELWG recently I saw they did these neat little spider drones (twin guns version, rotary cannon version). I’ve already got a couple of their hover drones for one of my bikes to drop, but I thought these little spiders would make great arena gun turrets. I also picked up this quad AA turret just because it looked cool. It actually comes with 8 guns, but I’ve assembled it with four and the others have gone into the bits box and will probably surface on some other wastelands monstrosity soon!