Alright admin time! The hobby can’t be all fancy units and big showy terrain pieces. We also need all those other bits and pieces that make a game work.

Deployment Points

Both Sharp Practice and Muskets and Tomahawks use deployment points, and while you certainly can get away with a little cardboard token, that’s no fun really is it?

The mounted figure was one I got in a pack of Perry Indian chiefs, and lets be honest I was never going to actually field a mounted chap in an Indian army, but he’ll be perfect as a deployment point. The others came as freebies for backing the Muskets and Tomahawks Kickstarter and were the only minis I got with it. They can do double duty as either DPs or could be fielded as Indian leaders themselves (especially the one who is officially billed as Tanaghrisson, but who is clearly inspired by Magua from Last of the Mohicans).

Objectives and scatter

The kind of battles we tend to fight from the French and Indian War are the frontier skirmishes and raids, so that means the table needs all those little bits of scatter and scenery to come alive. The piles of goods are mostly Ainsty I think, while I’m not quite sure where I got the horse troughs from but it wasn’t Ainsty.

The dead animals are from Warlord and to be honest will look just as at home representing the aftermath of a WW2 artillery barrage as they will in the FIW.