I recently got Sam Mustafa’s intriguing little spaceship game Freejumper. There’s a review of the game itself coming up shortly, but in the meantime these are some of the ships I’ve painted up for it:

Most of these ships are actually counters for the board game Firefly (based on the TV show of the same name and the spin-off movie Serenity), but they’re really nicely done in resin by Gale Force Nine. None required any real cleanup, although I did need to straighten some of the thinner wings in hot water. The set is normally about £20 for the five ships, I picked mine up from North Star’s bargain section but forget what I paid.

Since they’re intended as pieces for a board game they’re all about the same size, so aren’t in any particular scale. For example, in the movie the sleek grey corvette was a lot bigger than a Firefly class ship while the little metallic-coloured “Interceptor” was a lot smaller. For Freejumper this just doesn’t matter, what your ship looks like doesn’t have any effect and you can use any model you like.

The space station and the silver freighter with the green cargo pods are Full Thrust ships from Ground Zero Games. They’re metal and multi part. They had some slight mould lines on them, and did require a bit of fiddling about to get the plugs and sockets of the various sections to mate up. Being multi-part means they can be assembled however you like. The way I’ve built the station is the default, but you can buy all the components separately and build a custom one if you want.

I’ve not really painted space ships before, so was trying a few different things out when painting them.

I started with the green Firefly, and wanted to avoid the grey that most space ships get painted in. The paint job is just block colours with a brown wash (Army Painter Strong Tone) and drybrushed a bit. I used some black ink in parts, but not too much.

The salvage ship got a similar treatment, but over a brick-red base. Very basic paint job on both of these.

Next up I painted the little Interceptor class ship, and after mulling over a few different ideas I was inspired by WWII fighters like the Mustang, which often flew in bare metal with some splashes of colour (eg: invasion stripes and nose art). I think it’s come out alright, and I did a very small blue glow effect for the exhausts on the back and a reflection effect on the canopy. The big “2” on the front is a decal for a 28mm tank. The base silver colour just got a wash of black ink with no highlights, I quite like the grimy look on it.

I pushed the blue engine glow a bit further on the red Firefly, and am reasonably happy with how it came out. It’s one of those effects that looks a bit gash when you’re painting it, but starts to look ok after it dries.

With the corvette I messed around with white and cream paint jobs, which just weren’t looking any good. I gave up on that and spray painted the whole thing grey and washed it with black ink. This came out looking quite murky, so I went back in grey and did a sort of reverse panel shading on it to brighten it up a bit. This meant highlighting all the edges, and around the outside of each panel. I think it’s worked out ok. I picked out some details in gold, and tried to do another engine glow effect, but this time in green and it didn’t work out well at all.

The Full-Thrust freighter just got a silver paint job washed with black ink the same as the Interceptor, I toyed with the idea of doing the cargo pods in different colours but eventually just did them all in green with white decals on them. The exhaust got a quick blue engine glow on it, but nothing too involved.

For the station I wanted it looking a bit cleaner, and decided blue would be nice. I highlighted all the edges by hand and pin washed the recesses with black ink. I’m not totally happy with how the solar panels came out, and looking at it now think I should have pushed the highlights a bit brighter.

I like how each ship has its own character, which really suits Freejumper as ships can be customised so much. The little interceptor can be a ship designed for speed or agility, while the salvage ship could be built like a tank and insanely durable. I was thinking the sleek corvette could be an EW ship packed with broadcast weapons, and the two Firefly ships as the jack-of-all-trades types. The freighter and space station will be objectives for scenarios, the station in particular is required for quite a few of the default scenarios in the rule book.