If you’re going to field the Red Army, you really can’t have too much infantry, can you? So without further ado, here are two more squads of patriots ready to defend the Motherland from the fascists:

As I’ve mentioned previously, my WW2 Soviet collection has plenty of Partisans, and a slightly oddball Machine Gun platoon from a Fortified Region but I’ve also recently been playing through a campaign set in the Battle of Kursk, for which I’ve needed to field a regular infantry platoon. I’ve been borrowing these from my opponent Phil when I’ve needed them. His figures are always nicely painted and a joy to play with, his choice of sculpts for these is First Corps. I decided to do the same. They’re nice sculpts, the size and style of them fits well with some of the Warlord plastics I’m also using, and as an added bonus they do the “type B” squad with two LMGs as one of their options.

So I bought two squads (20 figures) and I also had enough bits on a Warlord plastic sprue to make an additional plastic riflemen. With the squad of Warlord plastics I’ve already got (and another one of dug-in troops) this should allow me to get a full platoon of my own miniatures on the table. I can just about manage that for the twin-LMG type B platoon I need for the Kursk campaign. I probably should have sorted this at the start of the campaign rather than at the end, but we’ve certainly managed ok.

The First Corps minis are fairly simply sculpted, but the detail on them is very strong which makes them quick and fun to paint.