Lion Rampant is  a skirmish-level game, so really works best when you play scenarios. A straight-up Bloodbath game is fun every once in a while, but the objectives and scenario rules in the book really give the game that feeling of rival barons skirmishing with their neighbours.

Obviously some of the scenarios don’t need any special terrain or miniatures, but many do.  I wanted to be able to just roll for a scenario and play whatever came up. So what would you need to play every scenario in the book?

Scenario B: Defending the Indefensible

This is an easy one, the object you’re trying to defend could be literally anything. Carts for Scenario G, a wealthy noble or lady for Scenario C, taxes from Scenario I, so I haven’t bothered doing anything special

Scenario C: The Fugitive

This one was a case of lead pile to the rescue. What I needed was a wealthy-looking individual that somebody might really, really want to rescue from their rivals. I’ve had this nice Hasslefree miniature “Lenore” for a while, and this was a good excuse to paint it. It’s a fantasy miniature, but low fantasy enough to work for historical. She looks worth rescuing to me.


Scenario E: Hold on Tight

I’ve played this one using the Celtic cross I made a while ago as the objective, but I also designed the pigsty I made recently with this scenario in mind. I made sure the pigsty was big enough that a unit would fit within it. Lion Rampant isn’t a super straight-faced game and something about all these fighting men battering each other over possession of some pigs appeals to me.

Scenario F: Sausages with Mustard

This is the scenario everyone loves, because you get to set fire to stuff! I’ve got some flaming markers I used for WWII gaming, and the scenario calls for a little village with some objectives to burn. So I made some farm buildings and some haystacks. With these three buildings, the pigsty and some fields I reckon I’ve got enough for a small village. They could probably do with a well, but I can sort that later.

Don’t forget to include a road and/or a river if you’re putting a settlement on the table. Every human settlement since the dawn of time was linked to the outside world by one or the other of these, and wargamers are really bad for just plonking a village in the middle of an open field. I got my flexible roads from Fat Frank on eBay a while back, the dirt ones will do for any period, and my stream sections are Last Valley.

Scenario G: The Convoy

This one calls for three convoy markers; the obvious solution here is some carts. Since I was placing an order with Warbases for buildings I got some of their carts and draught horses at the same time. To make up numbers I built an ox wagon I had on the shelf.

Technically these carts are a bit anachronistic for Dark Age / Medieval carts, which shouldn’t have things like thin iron-rimmed wheels and fancy steering gear. If you want proper medieval stuff then Colonel Bill’s does an excellent Dark Age convoy that has everything including draft animals, cargo and crew.

Scenario H: The Messenger

This is another one that really needs a miniature (I suppose you could use a token, but what fun would that be?). This is a Gripping Beast Breton battle standard-bearer. I’ve based him so he can be used as a battle standard in pitched War & Conquest battles. For Lion Rampant he’s a trusted lieutenant carrying the banner of his lord to speed him on the way with his important message.

It’s a nice miniature, quite pricey for a single but it comes with the banner. I’ve swapped the kite shield for a round one and put it on a bigger base.

Scenario I: A Taxing Afternoon

Lots of good medieval flavour in this one: it’s all about the nobility squeezing the oppressed farmers.  I love all the little bits and pieces you can get from Ainsty’s Trade Goods range, so I’ve based some up as little tax tokens. I assume medieval farmers were often paying their masters in barter and not cash? So sacks of grain and bales of wool it is.

I also got one of Foundry’s character packs that includes a tax collector and his heavies picking on some poor farmers.

Other stuff you need to play

Well, besides miniatures of course. I got some tokens (again, they’re from Warbases) to show battered and rallying status. I got the MDF ones and stuck the “battered” ones back-to-back with the “rally” ones, so when a battered unit rallies you can just flip the token. I painted them, and because I’m crap at doing freehand neatly I bought a white gel pen to colour in the etched writing on them. It was loads easier just going over the words with a pen than trying to do it with a brush.

Apart from that I reckon the only other thing you need is a QRS and some roster sheets:

Lion Rampant Quick Reference

Lion Rampant roster sheets