A strange little project I’ve been collecting is a Soviet Machine Gun Platoon, just for something a bit different from the norm. The core platoon is a tiny 13-man unit with four MGs in gun pits, so they could use some infantry support to bulk them up a bit. This is a 10-man infantry squad in foxholes.

In real life the MG platoons were organised as part of “Machine Gun Artillery Battalions”, which didn’t have any riflemen at all, just machine gunners and heavy weapons crews. Their parent unit was a “Fortified Region”, which was actually a mobile brigade-sized unit optimised for holding ground. However, Fortified Regions would occasionally have an infantry regiment attached to them, so infantry supports in a CoC game is a legit choice for them

This dug-in squad follows a now-familiar formula. I cut bases from artists’ mounting board and stuck a layer of foamcore to each one. The foamcore had the shape of the foxhole cut into it, and was then cut back to contour the ground. I coated the whole thing in Artist’s Lava Gel and some sand, and cut coffee stirrers for the revetting.

After the foxholes were built I matched up some bodies that looked about right and then sawed them in half with a razor saw at the right height. They look best if you can get them as low as possible, but sometimes positions of things like arms and weapons will limit how low you can get them.

I’ve painted these as a support option for my MG Platoon, but they can also support the partisans if I get around to finishing them. Honestly, I think the paint job on these guys is pretty ropey and nowhere near my best work, but it’ll do.