The Paymaster’s Bodyguard is one of the signature regiments of the DoW army. A paymaster is a compulsory character, and the bodyguard are stubborn if they accompany him, which gives the DoW a useful elite unit.

I don’t think the army ever received a decent set of models for this unit. Empire halberdiers can be subbed in at a pinch, but the PM’s bodyguard are listed as having heavy armour, so I wanted miniatures that were in propper tin can mode. I’ve gone for some Foundry medieval men-at-arms (MED106 Armoured Infantry) from the Perrys. These miniatures were originally Citadel, so you could argue they could be used in official GW tourneys? Bit of a stretch maybe, and not something I really care about. The command group includes some spare miniatures I had kicking around with a banner knocked up on the computer and printed out.

Not one of my best paint jobs, but good enough to put on the table.