For some reason I’m on a Black Ops painting binge at the moment. It might be because I’ve been in a bit of a slump and my Black Ops lead pile has a lot of varied and interesting stuff in it.

Anyway, these guys are some corporate thugs to add a bit of fun to Black Ops games.

The Assault Group Security Teams

The miniatures are from The Assault Group’s “Western Civilians and Corporate” range. Like all TAG miniatures they’re pretty chunky dudes, but have a lot of character and I really enjoyed painting them. The faces are particularly good, and I love their look with the sunglasses and suits. They’ve all got a radio mic and a lot of “high and tight” haircuts. Clearly they’re all ex-military types but the suits and ties make a nice change from painting military gear, and it’s also nice to have the opportunity to paint non-white skin tones occasionally. You’ve got to try new things, I reckon. I think I probably should have gone a bit lighter with the highlights on black skin, but I’ve not got much experience painting it. That might change soon, I’ve got a whole bag of rag-tag African militia to paint.

If I was going to say anything bad about these sculpts it’s that some of them seem to have really humungously massive feet. I’m not too worried about that, every sculptor has their quirks and that’s a pretty minor one really

I’ve been messing about with my painting technique lately, and have started mixing up my own homebrew equivalent to the Army Painter Quickshade gloop (cheers to Luke’s APS for the recipe!). I’ve painted these miniatures with the AP Dark Tone Quickshade for the guys in grey suits, and my mix on the ones in blue or red. I don’t really think there’s much in it, if anything the homebrew stuff gets the edge because it dries quickly and is matte.

These eight miniatures are a little on the small side for a game of Black Ops, but they can get outside help from things like the local police, and potentially mercenaries as well as being likely to have their own vehicles (anybody know where to get some black 4x4s in roughly 28mm, preferably die-cast prepainted ones?). I don’t see them as an offensive force, but more likely to be a security detail for a VIP that players will have to snatch, or as a neutral third force. Black Ops has rules in the game for neutrals and other fun stuff to mess with your scenarios, and this lot will be a fun way to do that. Who doesn’t like wasting some faceless corporate goons?