Chain of Command has a great and imaginative community around it. Too Fat Lardies are very supportive of that community creating content for the game (which is one of the reasons I like them!).

The At The Sharp End campaign system really encourages players to make their own campaigns, and many people have done just that. In some cases these are very slickly-designed and presented, easily as good as the stuff TFL produce themselves. In some cases it’s a bit more rough-and-ready, but if you’re willing to knock them into shape a bit they should produce some happy gaming.

I can’t vouch for any of these campaigns personally, and any queries should be directed at the author, but having said that I’d absolutely recommend you get stuck in. Happy gaming!

If you’ve written a campaign and would like it listed here, get in touch.

All the official TFL Pint-Sized Campaigns can be found here.

Early War

Abbeville 1940 – BEF units fighting the Germans in France after the fall of Dunkirk (Tabletop CP)

Arras 1940 – British 50th Infantry attack Rommel’s 7th Panzer in this iconic battle

Winter of No Surrender – 1939 Winter War (two linked campaigns) (7.62mm)

Smolensk 1941 – Timoshenko’s counter-attack on 7th Panzer (Stephen Philp)

Mid War

North Africa/Mediterranean

A Qualified Success – British infantry and paras fighting the Italians in Sicily June ’43 (Conor Campbell)

Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble – The Battle of Gazala, 1942 – Many different force lists, a non-standard ladder campaign and a new scenario (Kriget Kommer Gaming Club)

Eastern Front

Action at Ustilig – German units cross the border on day 1 of Barbarossa (Chris Stoesen)

The Campaign for Kharkov – Set in the first of the four titanic battles over this unlucky city, Oct ’41 (Chris Stoesen)

The Second Kharkov Campaign – Two CoC campaigns and a What a Tanker one, May ’42 (Chris Stoesen)

Battle of the Sunflowers – Italian and German forces hit the Soviets north of Stalingrad, Aug ’42 (Stephen Philp)

Late War

NW Europe

Closing the Gap – Canadians squeeze the Germans in the Falaise Gap (PTO Games)

Rendezvous with Destiny – US Airborne push on into Carentan in the aftermath of D-Day (William Thorpe)

The Tailleville Campaign – Canadians move inland on D-Day (Owen Conlan)

Operation Aubery – British Commandos attack Port-En-Bessin on D+1 (Stephen Philp)

Hedgerow Hell – Normandy mini-campaign designed to be played over a large table in a single day (Hendrik De Coster)

Villers-Bocage – British troops from 7th Armoured take on PanzerLehr near Caen (Playing the Odds)


Saipan 1944 – USMC beach landing and assault on the Japanese held island of Saipan (Tabletop CP)


Black Cats vs White Tigers – British and Empire 14th army vs the Japanese in Burma (Stephen Philp)

Last Updated: November 2021