The 6-pounder anti-tank gun was pretty ubiquitous in British and Empire units by late WW2, this one will beef up the AT firepower of my Polish 1st Armoured Div and NZ 2nd division forces.

The kit is from Warlord, and went together pretty nicely. One nice touch is that the trails are articulated, so can be positioned however you like. Mould quality was good, with minimal cleanup required. The major problem with it is to be fair one common to most manufacturers: the crew is way too small. These guns had a six-man crew, and that matters for Chain of Command. I’ll need to beef it up with some spare plastic crewmen made from infantry sprues.

To be honest I expect the 6-pounder to struggle against a lot of late war German armour. Probability of a first shot kill over the frontal arc against StuGs and PzIVs is low, and the big cats have little to fear. It’s going to need to be an ambush weapon and try to get flank shots on kraut armour. It should be pretty effective at seeing off hanomags and recce vehicles though. By late war the 17-pounder gun was available and pretty deadly, but the 6-pounder was still the primary gun available to the infantry battalions. For games set in Italy with NZ 2nd Div the Axis should have pretty limited armour support, and the Polish 1st Armoured used their Achilles TDs pretty aggressively, if I want a 17-pounder on the table that might be the way to go.