I’m a big fan of a lot of the MDF stuff from war-bases.co.uk, I’ve bought stuff like their tiling sheets, dial counters and some of their scatter terrain. Scenario 3 of Kampfgruppe von Luck calls for a load of walls taller than a man and I had nothing in my collection suitable. I’m short on free time right now and didn’t fancy scratch building so wanted something quick and easy, and reckon I’ve found it with their “mill walls” range:


Warbases sell the walls in little sections of about 8cm each. I bought ten wall sections, 5 of their corner posts and a gateway. The walls are 28mm scale and tall enough to fully conceal infantry. Even tall vehicles like Shermans will be hull down behind them. They’re really chunky, so will stand on their own without needing bases.

Assembly is quick, the parts come ready cut off the sprue in little bags. Looking at some of the other pics of them built up I thought the top of the walls looked a little plain, so I cut up some mounting board into slabs and stuck them on top with a bit of sand for texture to break up the plainness of it.

I was rushed to get them done before the game so went for a simple paint job. I sprayed the lot with a terracotta spray paint which has a really nice colour to it, then picked out a few bricks in a darker shade. I might go back and add to that a bit. The top just got painted grey with a black wash a quick drybrush in a really light grey. Looks good enough to put on the table IMO, and that’s where I was hoping to get to.

The gate got slapped in Vallejo’s Dark Rust and then highlighted in an old metallic silver. The base is just thin MDF with some artist’s lava gel (love that stuff!) and painted up.