Hot off the printer, it’s a few entirely unnecessary but fun extra miniatures for my Blood Bowl team!

My team of dodgy lizard guys has just completed their first season and managed a respectable mid-table result (hey, I won more games than I lost, so I’m happy!). So I felt they deserved some sprucing up, and have added some sideline staff.

I’m pretty sure I got the #1 fan Slann on Thingiverse, but I can’t find it now. That’s a shame, as he’s a lot of fun. I couldn’t resist the chance to slip a dad joke in and labelled his drink up as “Croke”.

The other skinks are also 3D prints of free files from Thingiverse. I’ve stuck two on a base as cheerleaders, and another got a big drum and a spare saurus drumstick arm from my bits box to make him into a drummer for them. The last single-based skink is just a journeyman I had to print in a hurry. I thought I’d made enough skinks when I originally painted my team, but a couple of games with extreme casualties put that idea to bed, and I had to quickly print one off and play with him just in his green undercoat (the shame!)