One of the fellas down at my club is itching to start a Blood Bowl league. It’s a game I played a few times on the tabletop years ago and a fair bit on the computer in the years since. It’s lots of random, silly fun so I’ve thrown a team together for when the club is able to start meeting again.


The most impressive looking part of the team by far, these are big miniatures. Scale creep is a real thing, and these boys are large.

The Lizardman team box set comes with two identical sprues, each containing three saurus. So if you build them as is you’ll have three pairs of identical miniatures. Luckily it’s not too hard to customise them a bit. You can reposition the arms on them and then cover the gaps with shoulder pads and a little cutting and filing. One guy got some big gold shoulder pads made from some old metal glyph plates I bought eons ago and didn’t use. I also did some head swaps with old plastic Warhammer saurus and overall I’m pretty happy with the amount of variation I could get into the miniatures fairly easily.

Apart from being a little bit massive they’re nice miniatures with lots of character. They’re all wearing little shorts which is silly and really gives them that sporty look. I went for green skin and yellow bellies out of pure nostalgia; my old Lizardman army for WHFB used that scheme.

These are GW minis but they aren’t slotta based so I didn’t feel any need to stick to GW bases. Basing them on 2p pieces gives me an easy way of magnetising the ball onto the base and also helps for storage and transport.


The boxed set provides a grand total of four skink miniatures which Lizardman coaches will agree is nowhere near enough. The fast and nimble skinks are how you win games with this team, not least because they’re the only ones who can reliably handle the ball! The trouble is they’re little and squishy, and tend to get stretchered off the pitch pretty quickly. So to bulk up the numbers I built one of the chameleon skinks from the box set and added three more built from standard Warhammer skinks converted using parts from the box set and an old WHFB saurus sprue. The chameleon skink is a fun miniature, he’s grabbing a ball with his long sticky tongue. That can serve as a regular skink if I’m not running with a chameleon on the roster.

These miniatures are quite enjoyable to paint with their big feather headdresses that you can splash a bit of colour onto. Again, you’ve got the problem that the box set has two identical sprues so if you want the players to look different you’ll need to mix and match some parts, and I also raided the bits box for some stuff left over from my WHFB days.


I had a look at some of the Kroxigor miniatures out there and wasn’t taken much with any of them, so I had a rummage in the bits box to see what I had. Starting with an old resin ogre body and arms from Mantic I 3D printed up a head and tail and bodged it all together and covered the worst gaps with random glued on bits. Sizing him up next a saurus he’s actually not that much bigger (scale creep again!) so I grabbed an old unit standard from the WHFB saurus sprue and glued it on, along with a taller base for him. The end result is a bit unwieldy, so I needed to pin his feet to the base.

I’m not really convinced with the how it’s turned out, but it’ll do for now. He could do with a different head that has a bit more character maybe. I actually don’t always like having a Kroxigor in the team, he’s expensive and tends to just hang around the centre of the pitch going stupid at all the wrong moments. I’d usually rather have another saurus, they can still bash most opponents into the ground and are cheaper and more reliable. But still, it’s nice to have the option.