My club’s Blood Bowl league kicks off shortly, and inspired by a solid win over those pesky Wood Elves in a warm-up game I was inspired to add some bling to my Lizardman team.

Lizardman coach/wizard

Hovering menacingly at the sidelines, this impressive looking frog dude is a Slann mage priest. A 3D print from Thingiverse, he can do double duty as my Lizardman team‘s coach and if need be a hireling wizard. The file on Thingiverse is available in two forms: a complete model and one sectioned into four pieces. Normally this is done to make it printable on an FDM printer and since I have a resin printer I usually prefer to print things in one piece. But in this case the sectioned model would print with very few supports, which is nice. I did it in 0.05mm layers and turned anti-aliasing on and it came out very well. I stuck him on a little flying base for that hovering vibe.

With a very quick and simple paint job this idea went from downloading the STL to a finished painted model in only a couple of days and 61p of resin. You can’t argue with that result!

Zap frog

So if I had access to a wizard, I’d need a frog miniature. Why? Well, in this version of Blood Bowl wizards have access to two spells: a fireball which does pretty much what you’d expect and another spell called “Zap!” which is way more fun because it turns an opposition player into a frog (temporarily).

So, back to Thingiverse I went, and pretty soon I’d found STLs for a frog and an American football helmet. Smashing them roughly together and feeding them to my printer I soon had a little frog for pennies and under an hour of print time. With a quick paint job and a decal he was ready for the pitch. I stuck the STL up on Thingiverse so you can grab it yourself here (before it hops away?).

I don’t know when I’ll get the chance to use him, I’m only ever likely to field a wizard if I go up against a team ranked a lot higher than me. But you never know!


Familiar with anyone who picked up the boxed set of Blood Bowl Second Season these two are supposedly “biased refs”, but really aren’t they all in BB? I think they’re great little sculpts (not all of GW’s current stuff is, IMO) especially the dwarf with his big book of grudges.

These two won’t usually feature much in the the rules, they’re just table-dressing.

Reroll counter

Last and absolutely most definitely least I made myself a little reroll counter. I don’t know why, the tracker on the dugouts is fine, but the Lizardman sprue came with this fat little idol, I had some old metal lizards from lizard swarms and this dial counter from Warbases that I got as a freebie at a show. So why not?