I’m a fan of Osprey’s Black Ops rules, and while they’re normally billed as an ultra-modern rule set there’s absolutely nothing stopping you from using them for WW2 commando raids. So without further ado, the commandos:

I’ve played Black Ops using my regular British infantry as commandos, but I couldn’t resist getting some of Black Tree Designs nice commandos in one of their half price sales recently. Specifically, I wanted to get guys with some of the more iconic commando weapons. So I’ve got several guys with the infamous Fairbairn-Sykes fighting knife, and some with Mk IIS suppressed Stens. The former are also packing Thompsons, so probably best for early war raids, while the latter was issued from 1943. Black Ops has extensive rules for stealth, and suppressed weapons are a big bonus.

I got 16 of these guys, including a command/demolitions group, which should be more than enough for Black Ops games.

These are the second batch of miniatures from Black Tree that I’ve painted and I continue to be impressed. The poses are good, and there’s lots of fine detail on them. I think they’re about middle of the road in terms of chunkiness, so should mix fine with plenty of other types. They were a pleasure to paint, I’d recommend them to anyone now. Make sure you don’t pay full price though, Black Tree regularly do discounts of 30% and occasionally 50% which makes them really good value in my book.