I’m not a great painter by any stretch, and I’m certainly not a fast one. So anything that promises to give really good results quickly gets me interested. Army Painter isn’t news, but I’d not used it before. To be honest I was sceptical of the excellent results shown on their site, but there were enough other people posting similar results that I thought I’d give it a crack.

What can I say? Well, I’m sold. I needed some more skinks for my Warhammer Fantasy Lizardman army, so I thought I’d give them the Army Painter treatment. The rest of my skinks are the old style one piece plastics so I’ve gone for a matching paint scheme. It probably doesn’t bring out the best in these larger more detailed multi-part skinks, but I didn’t want them to look too different on the table.

After a spray of green I simply painted the crests and bellies in a mustardy yellow and picked out the details, all in a single layer of colour. A quick dip of Army Painter Quickshade Strong and some matte spray varnish and they came up really nicely.

I’m really impressed with how much drama you can add to a miniature without even touching it with a brush. You can really see that in the closeup shot of the skink’s face above. All I’ve done there is applied Quickshade dip and a matte varnish and it’s really brought out all the facial features perfectly.

All up the time I spent was:

  • Assembly and cleanup = 2 hours
  • Green spray undercoat and details = 3 hours
  • Quickshade dip = 30 mins
  • 1st coat varnish and touchups = 1 hour
  • Basing and 2nd coat varnish = 90 mins

So that’s 24 skinks boshed out in about 8 hours spread over a week. A more complex paint scheme might need another couple of hours.