I caught sight of this burnt truck model in the eBay shop of Anyscale Models a little while ago and thought it was a pretty cool chunk of resin.

True to their name Anyscale do a range of terrain pieces and vehicles in a host of scales. This one is 28mm. It’s nice and versatile, as it can be scatter terrain, an objective, or a roadblock.

The price is definitely right at £5.75, but to be honest the casting quality left a lot to be desired. The whole thing was covered in little bumps and bobbles, with tons of flashy bits and some quite big holes. For a piece of wreckage that kind of thing isn’t a bit deal, in fact I deliberately left some big holes unfilled to represent, well, big holes I suppose.

On the plus side it comes with a nice metal rod for the canopy, and it has some junk modelled in the back. All I really did was undercoat with some Halfords plastic primer, spray green and get to work dirtying it up. The little note from Anyscale says you don’t actually need to wash their castings before priming, but I’d already washed it by the time I read that, so I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not.

Overall, given how ropey the casting was I’m quite pleased with how it’s come out.