Slow progress on painting for me at the moment, but I have completed some Jump-off Points for my Kiwi/Polish platoon for Chain of Command:

I’ve gone quite generic on these, my German ones had a few more miniatures on them. The one miniature I’ve got here is a wounded paratrooper that I got as a freebie in a mail order from Warlord (ta very much, Warlord!). I’ve painted him up with a regular infantry beret, he’s actually got a para cap badge but you’d have to squint to notice that. The sign pointing towards “home” is a little nod to the fact that both the Kiwis and Poles were fighting their war a long, long way away from home (albeit for slightly different reasons!). Although now that I think about it, the direction towards home for the Poles was towards the Germans!

The rest of it is just all stuff from the bits box. Tank stowage, some barrels, spare weapons including some captured German ones, etc. Easy peasy.

The bases for these are 40mm square plastic ones. Most of my troops are on smaller round bases and I like to have something that’s obviously different, especially with miniatures on them. Accidentally picking them up and moving them could be embarrassing, and I don’t want anybody thinking they’re troops and shooting at them!