One thing I like about the modern espionage warfare genre is that you can include a lot of weird irregular forces. So for Osprey’s Black Ops game I’ve done a grungy band of local militia from somewhere in Africa. Want to refight a little chunk of Black Hawk Down, Jadotville, or 13 Hours? Game on.

The Assault Group African Militia

Like all the sculpts from The Assault Group these are good little miniatures. I especially like the faces, they’ve got a lot of character and are all different. They’re on the chunky side, with big heads, limbs and weapons (“heroic” style) but that suits the genre well IMO. The sculpts have lots of quirky details, so expect mixed equipment, shorts, unlaced boots, sunglasses, earrings and a pet monkey sitting on the Warlord’s shoulder.

They’re fairly heavily armed for militia, with the ubiquitous Kalashnikov. I’ve included a heavy weapons pack which gives you an RPK, BAR and two rocket launchers. One is obvious RPG-7, the other, I’m honestly not so sure. Possibly a 57mm RCL? It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen, but again that sort of suits the eclectic mix of clothes and uniform.

Not everybody is packing an AK though, I’ve also bought a few lads armed with machetes and rocks. I figure the militia has a cadre of well-armed boys close to the warlord, as well as a few hangers-on to act as dickers, messengers and if need be to go in hard with their machetes.

I’ve painted up the Warlord with a gold-plated AK, the ultimate status symbol of thugs everywhere.

Mantic Technical

Every militia worth its salt needs a technical. There are a few nice ones around (eg: Empress, Spectre, Antenocitis Workshop) but they were all either quite expensive or had the wrong weapons. It turns out Mantic do an expansion pack for the Walking Dead game that includes no less than four plastic vehicles, plus a whole load of useful scatter bits, for about £20 (Amazon, Mantic) .

I took one of the pickup trucks from that set and simply added a spare M2HB 50cal from my bits box. Voila! Instant technical.

The vehicles in the Mantic set are all single-piece plastic, and some of the detail is a little soft, especially around the wheels. But they’re supposed to be all banged up and not pristine, so one you’ve dirtied them up they look fine. I did some heavy chipping on the technical using the hair spray method, and it came up really easily.