I doubt many of us get into wargaming because we have a burning desire to model miniature gardens, but you’ve got to admit it’s the little bits of table dressing like these that can lift a table out of the “meh” zone. Since I play a lot of WW2 skirmish gaming (and a little bit of moderns) I thought it was high time I pulled these terrain bits off the shelf of shame and sorted them out.

Back gardens

Designed to fit these houses I made recently, they’re pretty small. I didn’t want anything massive that would take up lots of storage space. The downside of this of course is there’s not much space to fit miniatures in, especially when it’s tempting with a garden to fill it full of all sorts of little modelling touches! They’re also fairly modular, I’ve only put fences down one side so they can either be closed off just the size they are, or I can put the fences further out and enclose a much bigger space.

I did one from a tidy family and one from a messy family. I’m guessing the Tidies don’t much like living next door to the Messies.

The messy garden has an outside loo from Charlie Foxtrot and some broken down brick walls from Ristul’s Creations (now owned by Bad Squiddo). So far parts of that little terrain set have found their way into these 20th century gardens, some Dark Age hovels and a pigsty. That’s good value for money! The tree is a Woodland scenics armature with some of their foliage stuff stuck on it.

The tidy garden is mostly based around bits from the excellent Warbases “Garden Set 1“. They do a couple of different sets of little terrain pieces like this, and they’re great. For this garden I’ve used the potting shed (which even has a little workbench bench inside it), the cold frames and the compost bin. The fencing is Renedra.

Chicken coop

Also included in the Warbases garden set is a little MDF chicken coop, and a couple of metal chooks. The coop is a neat little piece, and even comes with a piece of textured card to go on the roof. I’ve added a little pen made from matchsticks and aluminium mesh (which I normally use for replacing the windows on my Gaslands cars). I made a little wooden gate out of some coffee stirrers. Where would we be without those, eh?

Vege Patch

While it might be fun to build big elaborate garden scenes, I’ve always quite liked layouts I’ve seen that are made from several smaller pieces like this and the chicken coop. They might not have the same visual impact but they’re very flexible and good for club night gaming. So this is a simple little vege patch with some cabbages made from wedding roses and some model railway tomato plants with a couple of stray tufty bits from the basing supplies. The wooden bits are matchsticks. I’m a big fan of using actual wood to represent model wood. Since it already has a grain to it you can just slap on some brown ink and you don’t have to faff about painting fake grain onto something flat to make it look wooden.


The final piece of the Warbases garden set is a little lean-to greenhouse. The only thing I’ve done to this is cut up some clear plastic and add it in as glass. I based it because all my houses are on bases, and if I’m going to add it to a wall it’ll look funny if it’s the wrong height.