So, who’s ready for another year then? I don’t do resolutions, but I do like to have a bit of a plan to stop things spiraling out of control.


This year is going to be about completely finishing some existing projects. I find it can be tempting to slack off when you’ve got things about 75% done, but no! It’s time to pick up all those loose ends and get it done!

Playtest and publish a CoC campaign set in northern France, with the Polish 1st Armoured chasing the retreating Germans.

This is something I started ages ago and need to just do. It’s all written, it just needs to be playtested and then to draw up all the maps and publish it.

Finish my WW2 Soviets

To get the core MG platoon finished I need to add a couple of squads of infantry, so this is very doable.

Finish my medieval Japanese collection

I’ve still got some civilians to paint for this, and a load of walls so I can make compounds. Again, not loads of work.

Bretons for War and Conquest

This is one I’ve been putting off for too long. I’ve got almost all the lead sitting there, it’s just that it’s a lot of troops and cavalry and it’s always looked like a huge chunk of work. I’d like to have it done by November in time for the War and Conquest Players Society event. Can I get it done? Well yes, of course if I pull my finger out.

Wish List

Two 1/300th armies for Rommel, and enough terrain to fill a table

I was going to do Kiwis and Germans in Italy.

Write a game for cavemen skirmish battles

On a whim I bought and painted some cavemen recently, and I’ve got the bones of a little game to play with them. Not quite sure where this came from, to be honest. Could be a laugh though!

More bits for Muskets and Tomahawks

I’ve got some more terrain, civvies and Indians for this. If the boys down the club follow through with their stated interest in playing more of this I should paint these up.

Pirates, yarr!

I’ve got some Foundry pirates, and some unpainted Firelock games pirates and ships. I could either play Blood and Plunder or Sharp Practice with these.

More Black Ops stuff

I need more modern terrain for this, and I’ve got unpainted African militia and SWAT teams, both of which could be fun games. I also have a few bits and pieces for WW2 games (terrain, 1940s civvies and Fallschirmjager, etc)


I’ve got one squad painted up for Chain of Command. This would be my fourth CoC army. Being crappy “green” troops you potentially need a lot of them, but at least I can use some of my regular army Soviets to fill out the support lists.