Yep, it’s time to stare into that navel as I look back and see what I’ve been doing hobby-wise for the last year. Have you read about twenty of these from various people so far this January? Yes, you have. Are you going to read another one? Well I don’t know, but there will be pictures and stuff to hopefully keep it interesting.

Let’s begin in the usual place, January:


Fighting rumbled on in our Scottish Corridor campaign, and taking advantage of a stonking 50% sale on the lovely Blitzkrieg resin vehicles I started working on a couple of those. Games played included Chain of Command (including a Big game), Forager in 40mm, and apparently Iron Cross, which I’d forgotten about.


I finished painting the two Blitzkrieg tanks (below) and played some Memoir 44, Black Ops and more CoC.


We got in two more games of The Scottish Corridor this month, with the British turning the tables a little on the rampant hun. But no other wargaming at all. What was I doing all month? Who knows.


Making up for my quiet March, I was busy with some early war German armour and Dark Age infantry. But the big news that month was the release of What a Tanker. We got stuck into some games in 28mm to try it out with our existing gear, but consensus down at the club was that the smaller scales would work better, so I went and bought a load of 15mm desert terrain and started putting that together. I also played another Big Chain of Command game, where I had command of an AT gun platoon but slightly embarrassingly lost due to a slight misunderstanding about victory conditions. Tip for new players: if you’re actually playing a probe game, best not to think you’re playing attack/defend…


All action this month. The Scottish Corridor was coming to an end, and were eyeing up Kursk for the next campaign, so I set about finishing up my Soviets. We also played three more games of What a Tanker (including one exotic one in the Jungle) and a bit of Ronin.


For some reason I made a church this month, it’s a handy thing to have, and will be useful for one of my back-burner projects.  Gaming this month included Freejumper, What a Tanker, and Sharp Practice.


Still trying to push on with the Dark Age stuff this month, I smashed out a big load of cavalry. The half-painted horses had sat there taunting me for ages and I just couldn’t take it any more.  Apparently the only game I played all month was a single game of CoC, probably because the club is very quiet in the middle of summer.


This was also a really quiet month  for actual gaming, with just the finale of The Scottish Corridor campaign. Painting was also virtually non-existent, only doing these three Italian tanks in 15mm.


September was What a Tanker month, as I finished a whole table’s worth of terrain, and some British cruisers to shoot at the Italian mediums I painted in August. I didn’t actually play any WaT though, instead getting in games of CoC, Sharp Practice, and a British Grenadier AWI multiplayer stoush put on by one of the guys at the club.


This was the month I decided I’d been farting around most of the year and decided to pull finger. Painting output included some nuns with guns, German officers, Soviet signallers and observers, German halftrack passengers and some Dark Age skirmishers. We played two games of What a Tanker, moving out of the lush fields of France and into the parched Western Desert, and I had a quick go at Saga, the less said about the better.

Highlight of the month was definitely helping Phil and Jenny run their beautiful “Allies peu fiable” CoC game at SELWG. Rolled some dice and had a really good chinwag with a lot of folks, including Nick from TFL who was there showing off WaT.

Weird game of the month was a “matrix game” for control of a troubled city. Part RPG, part story telling, part corporate leadership exercise, but very interesting.


…and another busy month. I decided that finishing up my Black Ops stuff was a good little project to take me through to the end of the year, so cracked into some terrain and a load of various figures.

We also played the first game of Storming the Citadel, our new CoC campaign. More on that soon! Elsewhere in WW2 What a Tanker continued to be a popular multiplayer game down at the club.


And as the evenings grew longer I finished up my painting and building with the last of my Black Ops bits: some African Militia and some chain link fences for them to jump over. Down at the club we played some Ronin and then finished the year with a party games session including the fun submarine game Captain Sonar, One Night Ultimate Werewolf and the lateral thinking game Codenames. If you get the chance, give them all a go!


Thanks to the Vis Lardica Painting Challenge, I know exactly how much of what I’ve painted for the last few years. As I suspected my output this year was a bit down on the last two, but still pretty decent in the end.

Like all wargamers I find my motivation to paint comes and goes, but I really like being able to see my progress like this. The good news? I actually painted more than I bought this year. The main winners were:

  • What a Tanker: I bought a table worth of desert terrain and seven tanks. I painted the lot quite quickly and it’s been putting in great service down at the club. One of the other guys has since picked up the ball and run with it, adding more terrain and vehicles, but I think my push on this really bootstrapped our club’s WaT league, which is proving a lot of fun. Very satisfying!
  • My CoC Soviets. I’ve now finished my slightly oddball Fortified Region MG platoon and have had them on the table several times, twice as the MG platoon  and at other times being regular infantry. Next force for CoC? Maybe Yanks…
  • Black Ops. I’d had loads of stuff sitting in the lead mountain for a while, but decided one day just to pull finger and do it. So I smashed out a load of terrain and three new factions. A game I’d like to play more of, but I never quite had enough figures or terrain to do it justice, and now I do.


Unsurprisingly, the top games I’ve been playing this year are Chain of Command (big and little) and What a Tanker. So well done to the Lardies on producing such damn entertaining games. Next year I’d like to get a few more games of Black Ops and Freejumper in, and maybe a bit more Ronin too.