Wow, that year flew by. Seems like not that long ago I was writing last year’s roundup. So what have I been doing this year?

Looking Back at 2016













Last Year’s Goals

So now the moment of truth: how did I do at running down 2015’s wishlist?

Finish a 200pt force of French regulars for Muskets and Tomahawks. That’ll need to include some civilians for those protection missions.

Not even close. I did finish up a unit of Indians for this, and slapped some paint on some French regulars, but they aren’t finished. I bought some civvies at Salute and got as far as basecoating them…

Enough terrain for the above. So 2-3 buildings and some scatter like carts, wells and fences. The club has trees, although you can never have too many for M&T…

Likewise, no result here. Need to pull finger, basically.

Paint two 200pt warbands for Ronin. Ideally I’d like to do some civvies and a third warband, but we’ll see.

No real progress on this one at all, although I did recently paint some ninjas…

Build enough Japanese terrain for small Ronin games. Again, that’ll probably be about 2-3 buildings, a river, bridge, etc.

Again, nope!

Finish my Kiwi/Polish mob for Chain of Command. I’ve got 2 infantry sections to do and 2 partially finished vehicles, with about 3 more new vehicles to do until I reckon I’m done

This one is done! I’ve got 5 infantry sections (one dug in) , a garage full of vehicles for them and they’ve seen plenty of table time this year fighting their way through the Martlet campaign. Really happy to get this finished.

Build enough WW2 Italian themed terrain to put on decent Italy games for CoC. I’ll need buildings, vineyards, and I want to do some of the more hardcore German defensive bling like a Pantherturm and a Panzernest.

Fail. This one’s near the top of the list, but the campaign I’ve got on the back burner for Italy got bumped in favour of a NW Europe one, which will hopefully be big news in the New Year.

Paint at least a couple of units of Bretons for War and Conquest. Enough to field alongside someone else’s Vikings maybe?

I’m calling this done. I’ve painted up enough for the Bretons to have a good run around in the club’s Lion Rampant tournament this year. So they’ve definitely been on the table.

…and the wish list!

My Dropfleet Commander goodies from Kickstarter should land in a cloud of exhaust and gunfire about June/July, so it would be nice to get two small fleets for that painted up and get stuck into some orbital warfare.

This has gone the way of all Kickstarters and shipped late. I’ve not received anything yet. I did paint up some other spaceships though, and have played a bit of Freejumper with them.

A Soviet Machine Gun Platoon for CoC. Should be a pretty small force so fairly quick to do. The core platoon is only 13 men!

I’ve actually got pretty much all the lead for this now, but it’s still sitting in a box.

Eastern front partisans. Could be a fun project, and make for interesting games. They’re a green force with no big tanks, so would need lots of figures painted…

One that I’ve actually done! Only one squad painted up so far, but that’s better than nothing.

More NW Europe terrain.

Actually, yes. I have done this. I made a metric shedload of wheat fields and crop fields, some farm buildings and a stone bridge. Plus some field defences.

Unplanned stuff

So, what’s been distracting me and preventing me from getting all this done? Well, the big one for me this year was Lion Rampant. There was a burst of enthusiasm for the game at my club, so I got stuck in and painted up the Bretons from my lead pile, and I also decided I had to make enough terrain and other bits like carts, civilians, tax tokens, etc to be able to play every scenario from the rulebook. That all took a couple of months worth of work, and the main things to get left by the wayside in response were Muskets and Tomahawks and Ronin. That’s a real shame as those are both great games.

I also dipped my toe into a couple of smaller games, such as Freejumper and Black Ops.

2017 Goals

  1. Playtest and publish a CoC campaign set in northern France, with the Polish 1st Armoured chasing the retreating Germans.
  2. Get that Muskets & Tomahawks stuff finished
  3. Likewise Ronin!
  4. Paint up some commandos, some more scenery and some civvies for Black Ops games set in WW2.

…and the wish list!

  1. Make some Italian terrain, so that I can:
  2. Draft an Italian CoC campaign with NZ 2nd Div attacking the Germans at Orsogna
  3. Draft a quick little Black Ops campaign based around Operation Hasty
  4. Paint up my Dropfleet Commander ships
  5. Paint two pirate ships and one crew from the Blood and Plunder booty! I’ll need an ocean mat, and maybe some little islands for this, too.
  6. Paint that Soviet MG platoon for CoC that I’ve had sitting on the shelf for ages
  7. And the Partisans!