Well, another year bites the dust. So what wargaming stuff have I got done in the last 12 months? Well, less than I would have liked, It’s been a struggle to balance work, kids, study and hobby time. Hopefully the second half of 2016 should allow me a bit more free time.

I’ve done the Vis Lardica painting challenge the last two years, and my score for this year comes in at 920pts, a decent improvement over last year’s 834pts. If I can pick my rate up a bit in the second half of the year that 1000pt barrier is in my sights.

Looking back at 2015













Ok, let’s look back at my wish list from last New Year and see how I got on:


Add a new force for Chain of Command: from the late war British list I want to collect a force I can field as either Polish 1st Armoured Division in Normandy or NZ 2nd Division in Italy. The infantry should be pretty multi-purpose (both used Thompsons), the only real difference would be markings on vehicles I reckon.

Success! I’ve still got some things left to build and paint, but this one is definitely a playable force.

Collect and paint at least a 200pt force for Muskets and Tomahawks. Leaning towards Indians on this one. From there expanding into British or French should be doable in small increments.

Fail! I’ve only just started painting my Indians for this. I’ve bought a dozen or so French regulars just to give a bit of a counterpoint to all the irregular forces people tend to field for M&T. Half the fun of the rules is the way the different troops work so differently and having some guys in firing line should be fun.

Bite off a decent chunk of a 2000pt Breton army for War and Conquest. Getting the whole thing done would be nice, but I don’t have tons of spare time.

Fail! I’ve bought some cavalry and some infantry, but the painting queue is long and I want to smash out some smaller forces before wading into over 100 Dark Age miniatures.


I need to expand my 28mm terrain collection. I need a couple more buildings for WW2 in Europe, some roads, rivers and maybe some trees. My club has a decent amount of terrain, but it only goes so far.

Success! I’ve been on a terrain binge lately and got a decent amount done.


Get more guys at the club playing Chain of Command. Currently there’s only two of us playing it regularly, although there’s at least a couple more who are either very keen or already have played a couple of games. Ideally I’d like to put on a Big CoC game some time this year.

I’m going to call this a wobbly success. At least one more guy has bought an army and is getting it painted, and I’ve played games with three or four different guys, but it’s still mostly me and Phil playing.

Play some Muskets and Tomahawks.

Mostly a fail. I think I’ve played two games all year. Folks are keen though, they just need to be prodded into action.

And the maybe list…

Find (or write) a set of rules for 1/300th moderns that doesn’t suck.

Fail. Still.

Some samurai in 28mm for Ronin? Depends if anyone wants to play at the club. Who wouldn’t want to put some samurai and ninjas on the table, surely? We’ll see…

I’ve bought lead for this, so watch this space.

2016 Goals

  • Finish a 200pt force of French regulars for Muskets and Tomahawks. That’ll need to include some civilians for those protection missions.
  • Enough terrain for the above. So 2-3 buildings and some scatter like carts, wells and fences. The club has trees, although you can never have too many for M&T…
  • Paint two 200pt warbands for Ronin. Ideally I’d like to do some civvies and a third warband, but we’ll see.
  • Build enough Japanese terrain for small Ronin games. Again, that’ll probably be about 2-3 buildings, a river, bridge, etc.
  • Finish my Kiwi/Polish mob for Chain of Command. I’ve got 2 infantry sections to do and 2 partially finished vehicles, with about 3 more new vehicles to do until I reckon I’m done
  • Build enough WW2 Italian themed terrain to put on decent Italy games for CoC. I’ll need buildings, vineyards, and I want to do some of the more hardcore German defensive bling like a Pantherturm and a Panzernest.
  • Paint at least a couple of units of Bretons for War and Conquest. Enough to field alongside someone else’s Vikings maybe?

…and the wish list

  • My Dropfleet Commander goodies from Kickstarter should land in a cloud of exhaust and gunfire about June/July, so it would be nice to get two small fleets for that painted up and get stuck into some orbital warfare.
  • A Soviet Machine Gun Platoon for CoC. Should be a pretty small force so fairly quick to do. The core platoon is only 13 men!
  • Eastern front partisans. Could be a fun project, and make for interesting games. They’re a green force with no big tanks, so would need lots of figures painted…
  • More NW Europe terrain.
  • There are grumblings about doing a big early war WW2 game next year, so maybe some dodgy early model panzers for that?

That seems like plenty to be getting on with, especially since I won’t have much free time until my OU studies finish in May. We’ll see how much of it I can get through…

The main thing we all hope for in the next year though is a lot of fun games with friends both old and new. If you’ve been following my posts this year all I can say is thanks for reading and I hope to see you over a table of toy soldiers (or a pint) some time in 2016!